A no bullsh*t plan for improving your conversion rates

I’m literally unable to get through checkout

That was actual visitor feedback we received when running our Tactical CRO Plan on a client’s site. What was the problem? Somewhere along the line a developer forgot to close an HTML tag. This meant that some visitors (with certain browsers) were completely unable to checkout. Because this “/>” was missing.

Boom. The Tactical CRO Plan had just recovered $400,000 a year for this client.

Bug fixes are actually just an incredibly profitable “side effect” of the Tactical CRO Plan, our main goal is to help you answer 5 very expensive questions:

  1. Can I trust my analytics?
  2. Why don’t people buy from us?
  3. Why do people buy from us?
  4. What are the top areas of our site that need optimization?
  5. How do we optimize them?

There’s a big problem with typical “Customer Research”

Most of it is completely useless.

When you and your team are sweating it out over new landing page copy and calls to action, does it really matter if your target customer is a mom from Missoula, Montana with 2.4 kids and a mini-van or a dog loving dad from Delaware? No, it doesn’t.

What matters is your customers’ answers to questions like this:

“What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you from purchasing today?”

I was worried that this product wouldn’t work like the description says, but you have a good return policy so I gave it a shot.

Insights like this are something we can actually act on. When we see repeated feedback like this when we are combing through responses, we’ll give you actionable to-do’s based off of it.

Exactly What You’ll Get

Google Analytics Audit – Is your GA account configured properly? Are you tracking the right things? We’ll find out and get you squared away.

Heatmaps & Scrollmaps – We’ll show you where people are viewing, clicking, and scrolling on your most important pages.

Visitor Polls – We’ll setup polls to determine the actual reasons people are leaving without buying. These “voice of customer” insights are vital in increasing conversion rates.

Expert Video Review – An expert CRO video review of your site based on our methodology to scan for lack of clarity, motivation, and friction spots.

User Testing Analysis – 8 User Testing videos and write ups from people in your target demographic. (With the +Plus plan)

Timeline – 5 weeks (4 for reporting, 1 for creating insights report

How does it work?

We’ll jump on a 60-minute Skype call to kick things off. You’ll tell us about your business, where you’re kicking ass, and where you think you could improve. At the end of that call we’ll give you some quick technical instructions to get us up ant running:

  • Add us as a user in Google Analytics
  • Install a javascript snippet on your site so that we can track heatmaps, and launch visitor polls

After that we’re off to the races. Within the next 48 hours you’ll have heatmaps on your top pages, and your first visitor poll ready for launch. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll continue to review heatmaps & recordings, and launch visitor polls, and in the 5th week we’ll compile that data for you like so:

You’ll get:

  • A PDF report with all of the findings or our research. Don’t worry: Even though this report will end up being quite detailed, we highlight the most critical money-making insights so it’s an easy read.
  • A video review of your entire conversion process with notes on how to reduce friction and increase motivation.
  • A Skype call to review the findings, answer questions, and help interpret the data
  • A custom Trello board with all of our actionable insights ready for you

Our Tactical CRO Plans

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